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Getting a Clear Vision

It may come as a surprise, but a church’s website isn’t primarily about communicating information, but communicating vision. A vision statement is crucial, but even that is merely information if not lived out. For a church, vision is more than just a statement; it’s a motivated lifestyle shared by a church’s congregation. And in the process of defining a church’s vision, you’ll come to find that a website isn’t the focus, neither is cool functionality, social media or what CMS will be used. It’s about building a strategy, clarifying the direction and goals of the church, and organizing how the website best fits into this established vision. Vision is foundational for an effective church website. This is evident on The Village Church website. Their vision statement—Bringing glory to God by making disciples—is front and center. Out of this statement flows numerous ways in which they are living out this vision: a billboard of current events and stories, an opportunity to download the latest message, and other announcements that detail the life of the church.

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